Top Tips for Public Speaking in Meetings

 When some people talk about "public speaking", they may have an image in mind of someone standing at a lectern in a lecture hall. In fact, that's only the case in a minority of situations. In general, the vast majority of professional public speaking takes place in meeting rooms when you're addressing colleagues, clients or suppliers. That's when you'll typically need your skills to speak cohesively and persuasively. Here are some top tips to help you do so. 1. Don't monopolise "the floor". There is a VAST difference between giving a lecture and communicating information in a meeting. Avoid trying to dominate the session and out-talk everyone else in quantity terms. People respond best when they think the speaker is listening regularly and digesting what's being said - so pause regularly, listen and LET OTHERS SPEAK TOO! 2. Refer to what others have said previously when you're speaking. You don't need to be obsequious and say things

Answers For the Newspaper Industry

 If you are reading this you have an interest in the future of the newspaper industry. This was written to document my experience and thoughts about a drastically changing industry and to hopefully stimulate serious discussion in finding solutions for our most trusted source of news. My entire career has been in the print media industry: from my first agency job working in yellow pages to my latest role as Associate Media Director managing the budget for a major newspaper advertiser. I have never worked for a newspaper, nor have I worked for a newspaper advertiser, however for over eight years I purchased over one billion dollars in newspaper media, from the largest major dailies to small market weeklies. I was caught between the excuses of declining circulation from publishers and frustration from the advertisers over a once stable media currently portrayed to be in chaos. I witnessed newspapers caught off guard with the viral growth of online news consumption and their inability to t